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Helpful Tips 

Tips For Choosing A Fence Company

The Company Behind The Fence - The Contractor

  • Notice Advertising. 
    Unbelievable discounts are just that…UNBELIEVABLE! Read the small print. You may get a discount on the material, but then find yourself paying an inflated price for labor and other necessary items. Without profits, a business cannot continue to operate…a reputable contractor deserves a reasonable profit. Without it, he cannot remain reputable.
  • Check References. 
    Call the Better Business Bureau to determine if other consumers have had bad experiences with the contractor. Ask for references to other customers and check them out by personally visiting the installations.
  • Make Sure Your Contractor Is Insured and Licensed. 
    Ask to see a copy of his insurance coverage. A reputable dealer will have an insurance certificate and will be happy to provide a copy. The contractor's workman's compensation and liability protect you if one of his employees is injured on your property.
  • Your Contract Should Be In Writing. 
    Allow us to create a split rail to contain your livestock or as a purely decorative addition to your property.
  • Know Your Rights and Obligations. 
    Ask questions! Who clears the property line for the fence installation? Who cleans up afterwards?

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